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Clients : Ministry Of Agriculture
Project : MIS Consultancy
Service : Social Protection
Category : Web Based Management Information System
Date : 25 May 2018


Productive Safety Net Program is Ethiopia’s rural safety net program designed to support food insecure households which have at least 3 (three) months of food gap per year with in the last three years.

The overall program comprises of full-fledged components that interact and inter-relate with each other and has strong linkages to sector-wide services. Nine regions are included in the safety net program, namely Afar, Amhara, Dire Dawa, Harari, Oromia, Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples (SNNP), Sidama, Somali and Tigray.

The PSNP Program includes increased access to effective safety net and disaster risk management systems, complementary livelihoods services and nutrition support for food insecure households in rural Ethiopia. It is achievable through (1) support for building core instruments and tools of social protection and PSNP MIS Software Disaster Risk Management (DRM) systems, (2) delivery of safety net and enhanced access to livelihoods services for vulnerable rural households, and (3) improved program management and institutional coordination.

Centralized and distributed MIS software are useful, because such technology environment lead to equitable distribution of resources; provide oversight of multiple schemes; establish links with other services; and increase efficiency through economies of scale. The MIS software is a driver to realize and contribute towards Government policy objectives with regard to PSNP social protection scheme in the country.