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 when pm Abiy and his Deligation  visit our booth at stride

AFRICOM Technologies & BPO Services is thrilled to announce a successful showing at the STRIDE Ethiopia Expo 2024 launch held at the ICT Park

We were honored to have His Excellency, Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed, visit our booth during the event. The Prime Minister's visit highlighted AFRICOM's crucial role in driving digital transformation and supporting Ethiopia's technological advancement. Mr. Baheru Zeyenu, CEO of AFRICOM Technologies & BPO Services showcased a range of products, services, and solutions, including exciting future plans that will contribute to this critical national effort.

In addition to the Prime Minister's visit, AFRICOM's booth attracted a distinguished audience, including Ministers from the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia 🇪🇹 (FDRE), Regional Governors, University Presidents, Bank Presidents, and high-ranking officials from various institutions. Their presence underscored AFRICOM's growing influence within Ethiopia's technological landscape. We are grateful for their time and the kind interest they expressed in our work.